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Ability to make effective management decisions are extreme, when modern enterprises are competing for markets their products, works or services.

The decisions that are taken in the conduct of competition, refer to the following tasks:
- Ensure the production of adequate resources in the required quantities and preferably the best quality indicators than the competition;
- Organizations proizvodstennogo process by which raw materials is converted into a final product or services provided by the enterprise;
- Ensure konkurentanogo benefit from the research, experimental development, purchase of patents, etc.;
- Marketing activities, which resulted in the production of the enterprise takes on the consumer;
- Profit under risk predrinimatelskoy activity, which, as a rule, is the main objective of its business;
- Analysis and evaluation of past performance of the enterprise and make recommendations for follow-up management decisions.

The effectiveness of management decisions depends largely on the functioning of the enterprise in the acute competition for markets, which determines the success of the company and the achievement of management objectives.