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Construction of a data security system

Comprehensive security information secure enterprise information space, storage and processing of data from various types of threats.

This system includes components such as:

• Protection against malicious software
• Protection against various attacks
• Protection against phishing
• Firewall and Intrusion Detection
• Secure access to email
• Protection for mobile devices
• Secure multi-platform networks

Businesses of all sizes and industries important to protect yourself in the first place from viruses and hacker attacks, as statistics are suffering the greatest losses of the company was in connection with the theft of confidential business information and DoS-attacks.

Interruptions that occur in the server, greatly reduce the effectiveness of the company as a whole, resulting in the loss of valuable information, denial of service, loss of customers, and the disruption of transactions.

Time and money are lost as a read-spam employees. In many companies, the share of spammer correspondence in the inbox was already 60-70%! In the flow of unsolicited advertising often lose important business letters, which also leads to serious financial losses (even greater losses occur when the "home-grown" means the spam filtering with a significant percentage of false positives). That’s why the right choice of anti-virus system is so important.

Significant losses can be associated with the loss or theft of commercial information, the temporary failure of the corporate network infrastructure, loss of time and resources to restore system performance. During the disruption caused by malware or hacker attacks, very likely disruption of major transactions, primarily because of the impossibility of making a quick decision.

For financial institutions the most important critical likelihood of leakage of confidential information, as well as the excess load of channels and power grid infrastructure. Huge losses are often associated with the inability to obtain important information in an expeditious manner, and to provide service to customers in real time.

Financial institutions are more likely to become targets of hackers seeking to provoke errors in the software, steal or substitute registration data users. To prevent leaks of confidential information is very important, in particular, to provide anti-virus protection of all data transmitted through the Internet as well as on the local network. The introduction of such a complex system of protection to minimize the possibility of the above-mentioned threats and avoid significant financial and other losses associated with the elimination of their consequences.


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