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Development, planning and implementation of information infrastructure

Information infrastructure of the organization - a collection of information organized in a certain way, telecommunications and computing resources that support decision-making in the implementation of management entities of different nature.

A generalized scheme of the information infrastructure is represented in Figure 1.

Where: AS - an Automated System; IS - the Information Center; AA - Automated Archive, ISC - Information and Situation Centre; SMP - Mass Storage System; PC - Personal Computer; WkSt - WorkStation, SAT - a Set of Automation Tools, S&H - Software and Hardware; TCN - TeleCommunication Network.

In modern companies IT-infrastructure is a critical link in providing for the basic business processes, ensuring the operational work of the various departments, as well as the safety and security of the data.

Proper construction of information infrastructure reduces the amount of time spent, saves material and technical means necessary to perform basic tasks. Therefore, the choice of information and technology solutions is very important to consider all the demands of an organization to automate business processes, the balance of costs and benefits from the introduction of technology. For these purposes, an analysis of IT-infrastructure.

The main properties of today’s IT systems:

• Interaction based on industry standards and technical needs of the organization.
• Having a clear structure defined by the scale and characteristics of the company.
• Automation of the main business processes and tasks.
• The use of digital technologies for the exchange and transfer of information over any distance.

Currently, there is a significant increase in capital investments in IT. Most companies tend to have the latest technology. Technical solutions must not only meet the needs of the enterprise, but also to provide a certain "margin of safety" in the case of expansion, changes in business policies and market conditions.

Works and services within the implementation of IT-infrastructure:

• Setting up a local network
• Enterprise Information Systems
• Analysis of information systems
• Design of Information Systems
• The components of the information system
• The performance of information systems

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