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Functional examination of the organization’s management

Private methodology № 1 through packet mentor OKSUO (Assessment qualities sistemы controls organizations) Funktsionalynoe obsledovanie sistemы controls organizations.

The purpose of the survey is to obtain a function of source data (characteristics) of the functioning of the body of the organization, ensuring the conformity assessment of the system under the control of the objective function.
The object of the survey is a functional body of the organization.

The method of functional examination of controls

For functional examination of the organization’s management system used by the expert-analytical technique that involves the use of experts considered area of ​​expertise for the relevant source data and its presentation to further assess the performance of the control system in accordance with the objective function.
Expert-analytical method involves the use of a functional architecture management system provided by the customer prior to the survey.

Objects survey of control:

- * Documented purpose of the organization (the objective function);
- * The organizational structure of the management body of the organization;
- * Order planning of the development of the management system;
- * Functional tasks of units (officers), members of the management body;
- * Documents (text, graphic, table) used by personnel in the performance of their duties;
- * Rules for the development and documentation;
- * Contract documents.