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Information survey of the managing body

Private methodology № 3 out package OKSUO methods (quality assessment Sistemы Controllers Organization) designed dlya informatsionnogo obsledovaniya body controls organizations.

The purpose of the survey information

The objectives of the survey information are:

- # Get the parameters (characteristics) of the functioning of the managing body, essential for the preparation of the requirements for information system of the organization and execution of works on its creation (modernization);
- # Analysis of the organizational structure and activities of the governing body as a whole, as well as its structural units;
- # Investigation and the factors that determine the quality of the preparation of documents and decisions made by officials of various ranks;
- # Compilation, systematization and generalization of the characteristics (parameters) of a particular workflow management authority for their use in the preparation of requirements specification for the execution of works on creation of automated control of the organization and further development of the components of the system being;
- # Development of proposals on the organization of automated document control.
The object of the survey is an information management body of the organization.

Methods of examination of controls

The methods of examination of controls include:
- # Expert and analytical.

Full-scale methods used in conducting the survey on-site management body based on an analysis of job descriptions and other documents regulating the activities of officials in the performance of its functions.

Expert analytical method involves the use of structural and functional model of the object or information survey (governing body) to obtain preliminary results and conduct a survey using a full-scale method to refine the results obtained from the use of these models. Depending on the goals and objectives of the survey, the model should provide a study of the various aspects of information management officials of the body, to reveal information about the direction, scope and volume of circulating documents and other sources of information used by officials in the preparation of documents.


[1. Program Information Survey Authority
[2. The schedule for the information
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[4. Act as a result of information
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