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Management of the organization

Any organization exists and functions in it due to ongoing management. The activities of the organization is focused and, as a rule, predusmatirvaet achievement of its objectives. Achieving the goals achieved by the existing management system in the organization, which requires a really effective management of the organization as a whole, its structural units and individual members of the organization.

One of the basic principles of any orgnaizatsii - principle of administrative decisions. It defines its structure and culture of relationships.

Aanaliziruya management system, developed in different organizations, it can be concluded that the method making the most important management decisions, they are divided into the organization, which is one of two common principles:
- Unity of command
- Collective decision-making.

Management of the organization must provide the system to control the basic functions of management:
- Management decisions;
- Planning the implementation of decisions;
- The organization of the implementation of decisions;
- Delegation of authority;
- Motivation;
- Implementation of decisions;
- Control.

Sometimes the decision requires an appeal to the collegial body. In some cases, such solutions can be suspended. But not always a collective body can be better decisions leader alone.

Therefore, to evaluate the quality of the decision and confirm it is correct, the leader has to turn to external consultants who, representing the independent body can help with the choice of the best alternative based on the analysis of the situation.

In the Western practice of almost all the major companies in making high-value solutions to address their own, as a rule, the industry (as opposed to the Russian practice of consulting, kototraya is not yet an industry) consulting company with many years of experience and, importantly, the cases tried and tested many different situations with the practice of their permit.