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Mobile Development

Mobile solutions and mobile application development is one of the fastest growing segments in the DIR-Consulting.

The company’s services in the field of mobile development include:

• Develop mobile solutions to order
• Development of multi-platform applications
• Development of Internet solutions for mobile platforms
• Create a dedicated development center for mobile applications
• Support and upgrade applications
• Testing and quality control for a variety of mobile devices
• The integration of mobile, desktop and cloud-based enterprise solutions

The company’s experience in building applications on various mobile platforms and knowledge of the industry allow the DIR-Consulting to develop mobile solutions include:

• Wi-Fi
• Scheduling tasks (scheduling)
• Mobile Portals
• Processing of video streams
• Geolocation, geonavigation
• Mobile SED
• Mobile Banking
• E-learning (e-learning)
• Support for SIM cards (Sim Application Toolkit)