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It is a proven software technology that converts at an accelerated rate information system and substantive changes to the processes of computer activity.

At the heart of server virtualization is the ability of one computer do the job of multiple computers through the distribution of its resources. With virtual servers can host multiple operating systems and multiple applications in a single location, including remotely. Thus, physical and geographical constraints cease to have any meaning.

In addition to energy savings and reduce costs through more efficient use of hardware resources, virtual infrastructure will provide you a high level of availability of resources, more efficient system of desktop management, increased security and improved system recovery in critical situations.

The economic benefits of virtualization
Virtualization - a technology that is beneficial to any computer user. Millions of people and thousands of organizations in the world use virtualization solutions to reduce IT costs while improving productivity, efficiency and flexibility of the available computing equipment.

The reasons for the introduction of virtualization

• Server consolidation and optimization of infrastructure: With virtualization, you can achieve a much more efficient use of resources, as it brings together the standard of infrastructure resources into a single pool and overcomes the limitations of outdated model of "one application per server".

• Reducing the cost of physical infrastructure: Virtualization reduces the number of servers and related IT hardware in the data center. As a result, the need for maintenance, power and cooling material resources are reduced, and IT requires much less money.

• Increased flexibility and speed of response of the system: Virtualization offers a new method of managing IT infrastructure and can help IT administrators spend less time on repetitive tasks - such as initiation, configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

• Increased application availability and continuity of the enterprise: The robust system backup and migration of virtual environments completely without service interruptions, you can reduce the periods of planned downtime and ensure rapid recovery system in critical situations.

• Improved management and security: In addition, you can deploy, manage and monitor secure desktop environments processes to which end-users will be given a local or remote access when connected to the network or without almost any standard desktop, laptop or Tablet PC.