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The construction of the Remote Administration

Remote administration system allows you to remotely access your computer through the Internet or a local network and make management and administration of a remote computer in real time.

Remote administration software is a powerful tool that provides almost complete control of a remote computer. Remote administration utility that provides remote control of the desktop computer (the ability to copy or delete files, and so on), which is useful for system administration.

Such systems eliminate the need for administration support technicians to be in close proximity to the user in about 98% of the cases, which significantly reduces the cost of maintaining a large staff of professionals and their time responding to requests from users. System excludes cases of joint work with one computer and move the users into a single information space for activities.

Remote administration system can be used in various situations, such as for example:

- * System Administration
- * Remote work
- * Customer Support
- * Distance learning
- * Conduct online presentations

Works and services:

- * IT Outsourcing
- * Remote server administration