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The organization of the election campaign

Elections to local bodies of the executive and the legislature, the State Duma, finally, the election of the President
Russia in the everyday practice and have a significant influence on the politics and economy, the rest of our lives.

In the process of organizing the election campaign of a candidate for public office is caught quite a number of people ranging from the candidate himself and ending on voting technology experts, professionals of PR-technologies, which the candidate is invited to participate in the organization of the election campaign.

The organization of the campaign is a complicated administrative process. Indeed, the conduct of election campaigns is the management as the people directly engaged in the organization of the election campaign, and in a sense, the voters, since the main goal of the campaign - to get the greatest number of votes.

During the election campaign, there is the need to address a variety of management problems in such areas as technical and financial support for ongoing election campaign, working with the media, dealing with emerging legal issues, etc.

Therefore, in order to ensure the victory of the candidate in the election, the organizer of the campaign must show mastery of a professional manager.

One of the first decisions after the adoption of which starts the actual election campaign of the candidate - is, of course, the candidate of the decision on its participation in the upcoming elections, his nomination and his inclusion in the list of candidates. After all, this solution has a major impact on the future life of a candidate, at least during the forthcoming election campaign, and in the case of a positive outcome of the elections - and for a longer period of time.

If the candidate is a member of the socio-political association or political party, the invitation to participate in the elections can do it is from these organizations. The decision to participate in the elections can be taken over by the organization, which includes the candidate. Offer to participate in the elections could come from the industrial group, a group of businessmen or financiers who believe the candidate be a good lesson for the office to which he is running, especially if elective office, to take that involves the candidate, to some extent, may have impact on their activities.

If the candidate does not represent any organization, the decision to participate in elections is taken to "own risk." Especially, they should be carefully weighed the "pros" and "cons", from the opportunity to receive tangible support of political forces in the conduct of his campaign and ending with the willingness to devote himself to tend to his new activity.